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Ocean Isle Beach History » The History of Ocean Isle Beach

by Fred R. David & Vern J. Bender

A fantastic read about the History of Ocean Isle Beach, NC

This book was created with the hope that all residents and visitors to Ocean Isle Beach will enjoy reading about people, places, and happenings in this area over the past thousand years. We wrote this book to preserve and bring to life the history, character, and charm of Ocean Isle Beach (OIB). We want people of all ages to enjoy the rich history of this area, from the lives of Cape Fear Indians to the explorations of Verrazano. This book illustrates and describes the exploits of OIB pirates, the rise of large plantations, our Revolutionary War fighters, the salt mills, the dueling matches, the Civil War wrecks, the Prohibition years of OIB liquor smuggling, the 1920’s OIB dance hall, the World War II shipwrecks here, the hard work of Mr. Odell Williamson, and OIB’s public servant individuals today.